Where did it all begin?



Some of our Polished Unicorns have asked, “where did it all begin?”


Well, My Polished Unicorns, my mother was the first to spark my interest in nails and nail polish. As a child, I’d accompany her to her favorite nail tech at her favorite nail salon in Detroit, MI. I was mesmerized by the all of the beautiful colors and designs that my mother’s nail tech would create. I loved them so much that I would beg her to get my own nails done.


She eventually agreed. And, as a young teenager, I began visiting nail salons on my own. I even began trying to do my friends’ nails as well as my own. However, realizing that it was not my calling, I left it to the professionals and followed my dream as an entertainer.


Fast forward to 2020. With the pandemic and social-distancing, we’ve not been able to visit nail salons. So, I began doing my own nails again. I fell back in love with the shades and designs. This got me thinking: why don’t I create my own line of nail polish? Why not create a line that reflects my desire to live a plant-based and health-conscious lifestyle?


Throughout my career, I’ve always strived to empower women to be themselves and to love the skin they are in. BeiPolished was designed to give women the confidence to do just that. 


Today, I am proud to bring you my amazing, vegan, CBD-infused nail polish.


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